Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping Services

Our core bookkeeping service includes the following reports monthly and at years end.

1 Statement of financial position 2. Income statement 3. Cash flow statement

In addition to our base bookkeeping service, below are additional services our office can assist your business with.

Accounts Receivable

Many businesses who offer catering have to keep track of invoices that their clients haven’t paid yet. Keeping track of what your business is owed is just as important to bookkeeping as the checks that have cleared.

Accounts Payable

Knowing who you owe and how much is very important to your bottom line. Restaurant Administrators Bookkeeping tracks the invoice amounts for each vendor while keeping the client informed when invoices are due. Ensuring you and your vendors stay happy with your working relationship while ensuring bills are accurate and credits and debits are on time is how we accomplish this for our clients.

Payroll Assistance

By working with our payroll partners we can ensure your payroll needs are met. You may also choose to work with your own payroll company and set up data share so your books have up to date and accurate information.

Restaurant Administrators Bookkeeping - Payroll

Data Analysis

As a company that loves data, not only do we dive into the information to analyze from a financial perspective, but we put it in a format that is easily explainable to our clients. When a client subscribes with Restaurant Administrators Bookkeeping, the client will receive an operational cost calculator created specifically for them using an excel spreadsheet. The client is shown how to use the spreadsheet and where to input information from expenses. A guide is also provided to be used as training tool for your employees to complete this function for the business. This tool shows the client real time information on food and beverage costs as well breaks down spending to be used in coordination with a budget.

The client may also choose to allow our company to complete the data entry on their operations calculator that will provide up to date costs analysis.


Restaurant Administrators Bookkeeping is not an accounting firm and does not offer tax advice or prepare tax returns.

The use of our bookkeeping services is not a substitute for tax advice from a licensed tax professional.

Restaurant Administrators Bookkeeping does not offer any legal advice.

Bookkeeping services are offered on a month to month basis and subscription can be canceled by Restaurant Administrators Bookkeeping or Client with a 30 day notice.

All retainer fees are charged via ACH debit monthly, according to the fee schedule until notice for canceled services expires.

Historical cleanup of financial records may result in a one-time fee depending on status of the books.

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